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AGFG Chef Hat Awards 2024

This achievement is a testament to the incredible dedication of our entire team. Being acknowledged as one of the best restaurant experiences in Victoria and Australia by the Australian Good Food Guide in such a short time since our opening is truly remarkable.

At Kadota, every day is an opportunity to exceed expectations, constantly improve, and offer our guests an exceptional dining experience. Our commitment is driven by pride in what we do and the satisfaction of our guests, not for accolades. Nevertheless, we are deeply honoured by this recognition. When I received the phone call, a flood of emotions left me momentarily speechless!

Our exceptional team deserves immense credit, as they have invested considerable time to create a unique experience at Kadota.

As we move forward, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. A heartfelt thank you to our guests, dedicated team, suppliers, farmers, artisans, and, of course, the Australian Good Food Guide, for making the beginning of 2024 truly special!


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