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Our Menu

The Kadota offering consists of variations of 2 set menus: Classic and Luxury served in a traditional Kaiseki style (Japanese degustation). Seasonal additional dishes are available to add to either menu, as well as sake pairings and a selection of beverages from our curated list.


Each dish is subject to change along with the seasons; therefore, you’ll find examples of our course dishes on the sample menus below. 

Classic Menu

A fantastic 6-course introduction to the Kadota experience. 


A great option for first-time guests or those new to our style of fine Japanese dining.

Luxury Menu

7 courses, served in an authentic Kaiseki style of service. This is thought of as the most traditional form of dining in Japan and is our chance to treat guests to impeccable local and seasonal produce, and our wholehearted hospitality (or "omotenashi").

Lunch Service

In addition to our Classic and Luxury (Saturday only) menus, we offer a reduced yet refined 5-course set menu exclusively for lunch services on Friday and Saturday.​

Dietary Requests

Unfortunately, we cannot cater for all dietary requirements. We have spent countless hours creating the perfect balance of flavours and ingredients. 

We believe that drastically altering our menu will not provide you the best possible dining experience that we seek to offer. We appreciate your understanding.

Please mention your accepted dietary requirements when booking.

Accepted Dietary Requests

  • Vegetarian

  • Gluten free 

  • Coeliac

  • Nut free

  • Pescatarian

  • No garlic

  • No red meat

  • No pork

  • No raw fish


In most cases, we are able to replace savoury dishes with a dairy-free option. Unfortunately, we can not replace our traditional dessert option. However, we can replace it with a YUZU shu ( yuzu sake ) instead of dessert.

Drinks Menu

Each item on the beverage menu is near and dear to our hearts.

There is a story behind every sip; Be it a locally crafted wine or spirit from our neighbours, or a sake that comes from a Japanese brewery steeped in history.

Sake pairings are available to match each course across both set menus.

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