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Welcome to Kadota Daylesford  

Kadota is a warm and inviting restaurant located in picturesque Daylesford, where lovingly crafted Japanese flavours are carefully produced using seasonal local ingredients.
Omotenashi (おもてなし), meaning honest service and honest food, is at the heart of everything we do.

Lead by the award-winning team of Chef Aaron Schembri and Front Of House Director Risa Kadota, we invite each of our guests to join us for an immersive Kaiseki (懐石) dining experience.

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The spirit of Omotenashi is a way of life in Japanese culture, this philosophy guides everything we do in the Kadota kitchen and dining room.


Selfless service and hospitality towards our guests are part of the equation, however, you'll notice through each course that the philosophy also includes reverence for our ingredients.

The Kadota offering consists of 2 set menus:


Classic (6 courses) and Luxury (7 courses) served in a traditional Kaiseki style (Japanese degustation).

At its core, Kaiseki dining celebrates the distinctive seasons and craftsmanship of the Japanese culinary world.

Seasonal additional dishes are available to add to either menu, as well as sake pairings and a selection of beverages from our curated list.

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Our Dining

Classic Menu

A fantastic introduction to the Kadota experience, particularly for those new to our style of fine Japanese dining.

Luxury Menu

7 courses, served in an authentic Kaiseki style of service. This is thought of as the most traditional form of dining in Japan.

Drinks Menu

A story behind every sip;

Be it a locally crafted wine or spirit, or a sake that comes from a Japanese brewery steeped in history.

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